About Us

Baalroom aka kidsroom is a combination of 2 words - Baal which means kids in North Indian languages and room in English. Baalroom is a community based kids website specifically intended for kids under the age of 13 but of course older kids are also welcome. Roughly this translates to all kids till the age of 13 or older are welcome to read, write, post and use this website. In terms of academics, this website is open for kids from pre-kindergarden to high school. You will need permission from parent/guardian to post on the website.

Baalroom.com is owned and managed by Ana Mukoska. The website is currently being operated from Skopje, Macedonia. Ana completed her studies from St Cyril University in Skopje and was a visiting student at Duke University, USA. She has a two decades of experience in policy research and development in topics related to gender, higher education, information society, security. She is dedicated to development of multidisciplinary approach in education.