Soviet children's Books

For the benefit of of our users, we have included the links to these wonderfully illustrated free e-books. Great for 4 to 13 year old kids esp. if you are homeschooling or English is not your first language. Clicking on link would take you the external website, you can download and read the books in multiple formats such as Epub, PDF, Mobi, txt etc.
The list of books is: Sister Fox And The Rolling Pin. Russian Folk Tale, The Little Straw Bull. Ukrainian Folk Tale, Little Orphan. Russian Folk Tale, Dancing perch. Russian Folk Tale, Nine white swans, by Sergei Alekseevich Voronin, Mergen and His Friends. Nanai Folk Tale. The Nanai people are a Tungusic people of East Asia, Little fly so sprightly by Korney Chukovsky, Kutkha The Raven. Russian Folk Tale by the indigenous people from far north called Chukchi, Chestnut-Grey. Russian Folk Tale, A Picture Book of Astronomy by Boris Yulievich Levin and Lidia Radlova, with amazing vintage illustrations by Elizaveta Radlova, The Three Bears by Leo Tolstoy, The Dig and the Cat by Hovhannes Tumanian, Armenian children’ poem, The Brave Ant by Tatiana K. Makarova, The Golden Fish. Uzbek Fairy Tale, Builders Without Tools by Vitaly Bianki, How baby elephant learnt to dance by Yuri Yarmish, The Haughty Egg by Eno Raud, The Visitors by Mikahil Prishvin, Clocks and Watches by Yakov Dlugolensky, There Was Once A Hedgehog by Igor Akimushkin, Whose is the Sun? by Yuri Averenkov, Who's the strongest by Valery Suslov, The Adventures of Pencil and Screwbolt by Yuri Druzhkov, The Fire Bird. Russian Fairy Tales, The Lion and the Dog by Leo Tolstoy, Duffer’s new adventures by Aureliu Busuioc, Fun with numbers