The Princess Nobody

Andrew Lang

Book Description

"The Princess Nobody," written by Andrew Lang and illustrated by Richard Doyle, is a whimsical and satirical fairy tale published in 1884. Unlike Lang's other works, this story is not a collection of folktales but rather an original creation that pokes fun at the conventions of traditional fairy tales. The tale revolves around Princess Finola, who is unique because she is a "nobody." Born without a shadow, she is deemed unfit to marry any of the neighboring princes. However, her kindly father, King Prigio, refuses to see his daughter unhappy and sets out on a quest to find her a suitable suitor. What follows is a series of humorous and absurd adventures that parody typical fairy tale tropes. Along the way, King Prigio encounters talking animals, magical creatures, and comical challenges, all while trying to secure a worthy husband for his daughter. "The Princess Nobody" is a clever and entertaining story that playfully subverts the traditional fairy tale structure. Andrew Lang's witty narrative and Richard Doyle's whimsical illustrations combine to create a lighthearted and enjoyable tale that both children and adults can appreciate. Through its humor and satire, the story highlights the absurdity of certain fairy tale conventions and provides a fresh and amusing take on the genre. This book is copyright free and can be downloaded free of cost.

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