The Fisherman and The Goldfish

Alexander Pushkin

Book Description

Wonderful classic poem by Alexander Pushkin, about a poor, old fisherman, who lives in a small hut with his wife. One day he catches a fish that talks like a human and promises him that will fulfill any wish, if he lets her go. The old man released the fish without asking for anything from her. Once his wife found out about this, she scolded the old fisherman for not asking any counter favor from the golden fish. She made him go back to the sea and ask the goldfish first for some new items, then for a new house, then for a palace. The old greedy woman was not satisfied, she wanted status. She asked the fisherman to go to the sea and ask the goldfish to make her a ruler. Her wish was granted, but that was not enough. Then she asked to become an empress and her wish was granted by the goldfish. Finally, the fisherman's wife has asked to become the Ruler of the Sea and also she wanted the golden fish to subjugate her. The fisherman went to the sea to ask the goldfish to fulfill his wife’s wish. The sea becomes dark and stormy. When he came back home, he found his wife in the old poor hut. The goldfish has cured the old woman’s greed by taking from her everything that she gave her.

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