Lions and Sailing Ships

Svyatosiav Sakharnoyv

Book Description

Once upon a time there lived a sailor called Mr.Steamer who was keeping a seashell on the table in his room. Every morning, he would take the seashell off the table and put it to his ear to listen whether he could hear the sea in it. One day he meets the landlubber sailor Sleep and they start a fanciful sea voyage. They meet pirates and lions on their voyages. They are riding on the back of the sailfish and meet a sea monster, a ten-armed squid. Follow the voyage of these two sailors and find out about the fanciful explanations of the habits and physical characteristics of various sea animals, such as the crabs, shrimps, urchins, navags, crayfish, pikes. Also try to understand why it is important to know what the color of the sea is?

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