Perez Mouse

Luis Coloma

Book Description

"Perez Mouse" ("Ratón Pérez" in Spanish) is a beloved children's book written by Spanish author Luis Coloma. First published in 1894, this endearing tale has become a cherished part of Spanish literature and culture. The story revolves around the lovable character of Perez, a little mouse who embarks on a unique and magical mission. In the world of the story, when children lose their baby teeth, they place them under their pillows at night. In their sleep, Perez Mouse visits and collects the teeth, leaving behind small gifts or coins in their place. Luis Coloma's charming narrative takes readers on a whimsical adventure as they follow Perez Mouse on his tooth-collecting escapades. Through his encounters with children and his interactions with other characters in his mouse community, Perez exemplifies kindness, generosity, and the importance of bringing joy to others. "Perez Mouse" is a tale that blends imagination, folklore, and a touch of enchantment. It captures the hearts of young readers, teaching them about the traditions of losing baby teeth while imparting valuable lessons about generosity and the joy of giving. Luis Coloma's storytelling transports children into a world where magic and kindness coexist, nurturing their sense of wonder and fostering a belief in the power of small acts of kindness. The story's enduring popularity has made Perez Mouse an iconic figure in Spanish literature, cherished by generations of readers. "Perez Mouse" continues to enchant children and adults alike, reminding us of the magic that resides in the smallest moments and the joy that can be found in spreading happiness to others. This book is copyright free and can be downloaded for free.

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