Uncle Wiggily’s Squirt Gun

Howard R. Garis

Book Description

Uncle Wiggily's Squirt Gun is a classic children's book, written by Howard R. Garis and illustrated by George Kerr. Published in 1914, this delightful story follows Uncle Wiggily, an elderly gentleman rabbit, as he sets off on an adventure with his trusty squirt gun. The story begins with Uncle Wiggily visiting a toy store and deciding to buy himself a squirt gun. After he takes it home, he discovers that it has the power to make anything he squirts it at come alive. From a toy sailboat to a giant elephant, Uncle Wiggily's squirt gun brings to life a host of strange and wonderful creatures. As Uncle Wiggily embarks on his adventure, he meets a variety of animals, from a friendly fox to a grumpy old bear. He also encounters strange and dangerous creatures, such as a giant, flying serpent. Along the way, Uncle Wiggily and his squirt gun save the day more than once. Uncle Wiggily's Squirt Gun is a classic children's book, full of adventure and excitement. It is a delightful story, full of humor and imagination. With its whimsical illustrations and delightful characters, it is sure to be a favorite for years to come.

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