The Adventure of the Cardboard Box

Arthur Conan Doyle

Book Description

It was a cold winter morning when Dr. Watson received a peculiar package from his friend, Sherlock Holmes. The package was a cardboard box, tied up in string, with no return address. Watson was immediately intrigued. He opened the package, and inside he found two severed human ears. Watson was horrified, and rushed to Holmes’s door. Holmes calmly explained that he had been hired by a Mrs. Merril to investigate a strange case involving her husband’s missing ears. She had received a package with two ears inside. Holmes and Watson set out to investigate the crime. They questioned the postman who delivered the package, and he told them that it had come from a small village in the country. Holmes and Watson travelled to the village and searched for clues. They soon learned that Mrs. Merril’s husband had been involved in a heated argument with a local farmer, and the farmer had threatened to cut off his ears. Holmes and Watson tracked down the farmer, who confessed to the crime. He had cut off Mr. Merril’s ears in a fit of rage and sent the package to Mrs. Merril as a warning. Holmes and Watson returned the ears to Mr. Merril, and the case was solved. The Adventure of the Cardboard Box is a classic example of Holmes’s incredible detective work and his dedication to justice. It serves as a reminder of the importance of thorough investigation and deduction in solving any mystery.

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