The Royal Book of Oz

Ruth Plumly Thompson

Book Description

"The Royal Book of Oz," written by Ruth Plumly Thompson, is a delightful addition to L. Frank Baum's beloved Oz series. The story follows the adventures of young Prince Randy of Regalia and his loyal companion, Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant, as they journey through the magical Land of Oz. When Prince Randy is captured by the wicked magician Kif-Kif and imprisoned in a hidden kingdom, Kabumpo sets out to rescue him. Along the way, they encounter a variety of enchanting characters, including the surly Ruggedo, the kind-hearted Quox the Dragon, and the adventurous Betsy Bobbin and her loyal mule Hank. As the friends navigate through the whimsical landscapes of Oz, they embark on a quest to locate the missing King and Queen of Regalia and thwart Kif-Kif's nefarious plans. The narrative is a tapestry of whimsy, with imaginative settings, quirky creatures, and magical encounters. Thompson's continuation of Baum's legacy seamlessly captures the charm and spirit of Oz, introducing new characters while embracing the familiar elements that readers adore. The story celebrates the themes of friendship, bravery, and the boundless possibilities of imagination. "The Royal Book of Oz" is a captivating and lighthearted adventure that transports readers to a fantastical world where anything is possible. Thompson's skillful storytelling and imaginative writing ensure that the enchantment of Oz lives on, making this a beloved addition to the Oz series for both new and longtime fans. This book is copyright free and can be downloaded for free.

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