Grishka and the Astronaut

Anatoli Mityayev

Book Description

This is a book about the friendship between the naughty boy named Grishka and the astronaut who lived on his street. Grishka was a little mischief-maker who wanted to fight. The astronaut was very kind, and when anybody asked for help or advice, he was always sure to give it. The kids in the city would come to visit him when they wanted to hear his stories, or have some tea and cookies, or just play with him. He would also teach the kids how to go to sleep as soon as they got into bed. One day Grishka asked the astronaut to help him to become strong and that is how he starts his exciting space adventure. Read the book and check what happens to Grishka when he goes to the Moon or to a tiny asteroid. See what will be the outcome from his plan to become strong.

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