The Concert

Nikolai Nosov

Book Description

"The Concert" is a delightful children's book by Russian author Nikolai Nosov. The story revolves around a young boy named Lenya, who is excited about attending a concert with his parents. Lenya's anticipation for the concert grows as he imagines the beautiful music he will hear. He envisions a grand event with performers dressed in splendid attire, playing magnificent instruments. However, the reality of the concert is quite different from his expectations. When the family arrives at the concert hall, Lenya is surprised to find that it is a small, simple gathering in a modest room. The performers are not as glamorous as he had imagined, and the instruments are basic. Initially disappointed, Lenya soon realizes that the musicians are incredibly talented and passionate about their art. As the performance begins, Lenya becomes captivated by the music. He forgets about the grandeur he had anticipated and instead immerses himself in the beauty of the melodies. Through this experience, he learns that true artistry and passion are more important than outward appearances. "The Concert" teaches young readers the valuable lesson that the true value of art lies in the emotions it evokes and the passion of the artists, rather than in superficial extravagance. It encourages them to appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the power of genuine talent. This book is copyright free and this can be downloaded without paying any cost.

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