Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming

Howard R. Garis

Book Description

Uncle Wiggily, the beloved children’s character from the series of classic stories written by Howard R. Garis, is ready for an exciting summer adventure. In Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming, the elderly rabbit is determined to take a dip in the cool, refreshing water that lies ahead. On his journey, Uncle Wiggily meets a variety of friendly woodland creatures, such as the lovable raccoon, friendly frog, and hilarious skunk. As Uncle Wiggily nears the swimming hole, he quickly realizes that he doesn’t know how to swim. With the help of his new friends, he learns the basics of swimming and is soon paddling around in the water. Along the way, he also discovers some of the dangers of the deep, like a cranky snapping turtle and a hungry fish. With his newfound swimming skills, Uncle Wiggily musters up the courage to brave the waters and come out unscathed. This delightful story is filled with adventure and will captivate young readers. It’s perfect for teaching children the basics of swimming, as well as the importance of safety in and around the water. Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming is sure to be an instant classic for generations to come.

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