Black Bartlemy's Treasure

Jeffrey Farnol

Book Description

"Black Bartlemy's Treasure" is an adventure novel written by Jeffrey Farnol, first published in 1920. The story is set in the late 17th century and follows the daring exploits of Martin Conisby, a young Englishman seeking to avenge his father's death and reclaim his family's stolen estate. To do so, he embarks on a swashbuckling journey filled with piracy, treacherous villains, and hidden treasures. Martin's quest takes him to the high seas, where he encounters the notorious pirate Black Bartlemy and his crew. Throughout the novel, Martin faces countless challenges and adversaries, including the cunning Captain Jasper Leigh and the enigmatic Anne Brandon, who may hold the key to the long-lost treasure. The novel is known for its vivid descriptions of maritime life, historical accuracy, and the spirit of adventure. Farnol masterfully combines elements of romance, intrigue, and action as Martin Conisby navigates a world of danger and deceit in his pursuit of Black Bartlemy's treasure. "Black Bartlemy's Treasure" is a classic adventure novel that continues to captivate readers with its swashbuckling narrative and compelling characters, making it a timeless addition to the genre of historical fiction. This book is copyright free and can be downloaded without incurring any cost.

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