The Adventures of Hatim Tai

Alger and Forbes

Book Description

The Adventures of Hatim Tai was written and published by anonymous. Hatim Tai, the lead of the book and the main character has this story written upon him. It consists of a short introduction describing his ancestors and his own virtues. In seven chapters, seven of his adventures are given. The stories are based on seven questions, asked by a beautiful and rich woman Husn Banu, who will marry only the person who will obtain answers to these questions: ' What I saw once, I long for a second time.' ' Do good, and cast it upon the waters.' ' Do no evil; if you do, such shall you meet with.' ' He who speaks the truth is always tranquil.' ' Let him bring an account of the mountain of Nida.' ' Let him produce a pearl of the size of a duck's egg' Let him bring an account of the bath of Bad-gard.' A king falls in love with her and wanders around, not knowing where to go or what to do. By chance he meets Hatem Tai, to whom he tells his story. Hatem undertakes to find the answers to the questions.

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