The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge

Arthur Conan Doyle

Book Description

The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge began when Sherlock Holmes received a letter from Mr. Garcia, a Spanish gentleman who was staying at Wisteria Lodge, a country house near Northumberland. Mr. Garcia had heard of Holmes and his detective skills, and asked him to come immediately to investigate a strange and terrible crime that had occurred at the lodge. Holmes and Dr. Watson travelled to Wisteria Lodge, where they were met by the local police, who had already made some progress in the investigation. They asked Holmes if he had any theories, but Holmes refused to speculate until he had seen the evidence first. At the lodge they found that the servants had all fled in terror, leaving the house in disarray. In the main room, Holmes discovered a strange symbol drawn in blood on the wall. He deduced that the symbol had been drawn by a secret society, and that it had been used to scare the servants away. The next day Holmes and Watson followed a trail of clues that eventually led them to a derelict cottage in the woods nearby. Inside they discovered the body of a man, and it became clear that he had been murdered. Holmes and Watson soon discovered that the murderer was a man called John Scott Eccles, a former employee of Mr. Garcia. Holmes and Watson then returned to Wisteria Lodge, where Holmes was able to explain the mystery to Mr. Garcia and the police. Holmes revealed that Eccles had been a member of a secret society, and had been sent to the lodge to terrorize the servants and steal a valuable object. Holmes and Watson were able to recover the object, and the case was solved.

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