The Runaway Equator

Lilian Bell

Book Description

The Runaway Equator, a novel written by Lilian Bell, is a delightful tale of adventure and discovery. Set in a fantastical world where the equator has run away, the story follows the journey of two children, Carl and Kiki, who set out to find the runaway equator. The two brave adventurers take a magical train ride to the edge of the world and soon find themselves in the middle of an exciting and dangerous journey. Along the way, they meet an array of characters and creatures, from friendly mermaids to menacing pirates. The children must battle raging storms, treacherous mountains, and deep oceans as they search for the runaway equator. With the help of the inhabitants of the world, they eventually manage to track down the elusive line. But their journey is not over yet, as they must now face their greatest challenge yet: the mysterious and powerful Guardian of the Equator. With courage and determination, Carl and Kiki face the guardian and overcome their fears in order to free the equator from its captivity. The Runaway Equator is a captivating story of courage, friendship, and adventure. The characters are endearing and the world is filled with surprises. The story is full of exciting twists and turns and is sure to keep readers of all ages captivated.

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