The Motor Boys on the Atlantic

Clarence Young

Book Description

"The Motor Boys on the Atlantic" is an adventure novel written by Clarence Young. Published in 1909, the story follows the exciting exploits of three young protagonists: Jerry Hopkins, Ned Slade, and Bob Baker, collectively known as the "Motor Boys." As enthusiasts of the emerging automobile culture, the boys embark on a thrilling journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The adventure begins when the Motor Boys acquire a special motorboat, the Dartaway, designed for high-speed travel. Intrigued by the possibilities of ocean exploration, they decide to cross the Atlantic, facing numerous challenges and dangers along the way. The narrative unfolds with a series of escapades, including encounters with pirates, storms, and unforeseen obstacles. Young's novel reflects the fascination of the early 20th century with technological advancements, particularly the growing popularity of motorized vehicles. The story captures the spirit of adventure and exploration, as well as the camaraderie among the Motor Boys. "The Motor Boys on the Atlantic" is a classic example of boys' adventure literature from the turn of the century, offering readers a glimpse into the culture and excitement surrounding the dawn of the automotive era. This book is copyright free and can be downloaded without incurring any cost.

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