His Last Bow

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Book Description

His Last Bow is a collection of previously published Sherlock Holmes stories published in 1917 by British writer Arthur Conan Doyle. The narration of this story is in the third person, instead of the first person narration usually provided by the character of Dr. Watson, and it is not directly a detective story but a spy story. His Last Bow is the final book written by Arthur Conan Doyle starring the infamous Sherlock Holmes. It follows Holmes when he comes back from the dead after The Reichenbach Falls event. He decides he isn't actually retiring but this book really is the end. Holmes has essentially a personality of obsession. He works on all his cases compulsively and his deductive powers are phenomenal. He can get engulfed in periods of depression between cases and is known to take cocaine when he cannot stand the lack of activity.

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