The Bunnikins-bunnies And the Moon King

Edith B. Davidson

Book Description

"The Bunnikins-Bunnies and the Moon King" is a delightful children's story written by Edith B. Davidson and illustrated by George Carlson. The tale follows a family of adventurous rabbits known as the Bunnikins as they embark on a magical journey to the Moon. One night, while gazing at the moon, the Bunnikins discover that it is not made of cheese as they had always believed but is, in fact, a land inhabited by rabbits just like them. Eager to explore this new world, the Bunnikins build a rocket out of a pumpkin and set off on a daring adventure to visit the Moon. Along the way, they encounter friendly creatures, face challenges, and discover the wonders of the lunar landscape. However, their journey takes a perilous turn when they encounter the Moon King, a powerful ruler who is determined to keep the Bunnikins from discovering the truth about their lunar home. With courage, resourcefulness, and teamwork, the Bunnikins outsmart the Moon King and uncover the secrets of the Moon. Through their escapades, they learn important lessons about bravery, friendship, and the power of imagination. "The Bunnikins-Bunnies and the Moon King" is a charming tale that captures the magic of childhood exploration and the boundless possibilities of the imagination. This book is copyright free and can be downloaded without incurring any cost.

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