The Tower Treasure

Franklin W. Dixon

Book Description

The Tower Treasure is a collection of previously published twenty four stories published in 1927 by British writer Franklin W. Dixon. The Tower Treasure is the first volume in the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories published by Grosset & Dunlap. This book is about three detectives named Frank, Joe and Mr. Hardy. Frank is 14 and Joe is 13, they are on two mysteries, one of them is to find Chet Morton's jalopy (car) witch was stolen from him one night. Tower Mansion is robbed and Frank and Joe Hardy take on the case to clear the name of a friend's father. They discover the real crook but have to decipher his mysterious dying words find the stolen loot and crack the case. The story begins with Frank and Joe Hardy barely avoiding being hit by a speeding driver, who they notice has bright red hair. Later, this same red-haired driver attempts a ferry boat ticket office robbery and successfully steals a yellow jalopy called Queen from the Hardys' friend, Chet Morton. Due to one witness reporting that the villain had dark hair, the Hardys assume he is using a red wig.

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