Alphabet Book - Animal Superheroes

Team Baalroom

Reading Level: 1

Book Description

This is an exciting animal alphabet book with colorful and vibrant illustrations. It is ideal for kids starting school or learning the basic English alphabet. You can use this book for kindergarten (reception) kids and make their alphabet learning experience more exciting and help them to memorize the letters more easily. Make them feel they are part of a superhero mission in discovering particular letters of the alphabet. Hide some object that starts with that letter (ex: Apple if you are learning A) and start the mission to find the object. Once the mission is over, ask your kid to write the letter, print the page from this book with the particular letter that you have been practicing and give it to them as a superhero certificate for learning that letter. You can also take a photo of your little smart superhero for your memories. You can upload your kid's drawing or even their story. That will help you to track their progress and it will keep them motivated. One day it will be wonderful memory for their firs steps of literacy. Public and private schools all over the world in Asia, Africa, China, India, Europe, USA, Canada etc. are welcomed to print and use these books for free. Also it is very handy for homeschooling. Kids and parents can also use the book on their tablets, ipads, mobile phones. The book is in PDF format and also can be printed and used as educational decorations in the classroom or at home.

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