Uncle Wiggily in the Woods

Howard R. Garis

Book Description

Uncle Wiggily in the Woods is an American children’s book series written by Howard R. Garis. The series follows the adventures of an elderly rabbit, Uncle Wiggily, as he travels around the woods with his animal friends. The book series was first published in 1910 and ran until the late 1940s. It was published in the form of a daily comic strip and was featured in more than 800 newspapers worldwide. The stories often revolved around Uncle Wiggily’s attempts to find a cure for a sickness he had caught and his many encounters with animals of the forest. Uncle Wiggily was a kind and generous rabbit who was always ready to help his animal friends. He was often accompanied by his close friend Doctor Possum, a wise old possum who provided wise advice. Other characters included Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, a female rabbit; Grandfather Frog, a wise old frog; Billie the Sawmill Cat; and Sammy Jay, a mischievous bird. The stories were filled with humor, adventure, and lessons about life. They were often used to teach children important values such as kindness, bravery, and friendship. The stories were also praised for their accurate depictions of animals and their habitats. Uncle Wiggily in the Woods has been adapted into television shows, radio shows, and musicals. It is considered one of the most successful and beloved children's books of all time.

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