Billy Bounce

W W. Denslow and D. A Bragdon

Reading Level: 4-5

Book Description

Billy Bounce is written by W. W. (William Wallace ) Denslow and Dudley A Bragdon and illustrated by W. W. Denslow. W. W. Denslow, was an American illustrator and caricaturist remembered for his work in collaboration with author L. Frank Baum, especially his illustrations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Billy Bounce was a comic strip published by noted W. W. Denslow (1901–1902) and C. W. Kahles (1902–1905) The strip centers on the actions of the title character, a ball-shaped boy who is capable either of bouncing long distances or actual flight. It is noted as one of the earliest comic strips in which the protagonist has superpowers. In 1906, Denslow published this book (novel) based on Billy's adventures, titled Billy Bounce.

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