Bully and Bawly No-Tail

Howard R. Garis.

Book Description

Bully and Bawly No-Tail is a delightful children’s story by Howard R. Garis. It tells the tale of two inseparable brothers, Bully and Bawly, who live with their family in a cozy little burrow. The No-Tail family is different from the other families in their neighborhood, in that all of them are born without tails. The brothers’ adventures begin when their father makes them a set of wings from leaves and feathers, enabling them to fly. At first, the two are terrified of leaving the safety of their burrow, but eventually they grow brave enough to explore the world around them. Along the way, they meet new friends, face wild animals, and outwit tricky enemies. Throughout the story, Bully and Bawly continuously demonstrate their courage and loyalty towards each other. As their adventures unfold, they discover the importance of the bond between them and the value of true friendship. The story is written in a style that is easy to understand, making it perfect for young readers. It is filled with humor, wonder, and an inspiring message about the strength of family bonds. Bully and Bawly No-Tail is sure to captivate children of all ages with its vivid imagery and colorful characters.

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