Up in the air in a balloon

Nikolai Nosov

Book Description

"Up in the Air in a Balloon" (also known as "Adventures of Dunno and Friends") is another charming tale by Russian author Nikolai Nosov, featuring the beloved character Dunno. In this story, Dunno and his friends embark on a thrilling adventure involving a hot-air balloon. The plot revolves around their plan to build and pilot a balloon to explore the skies. With the help of their inventive and resourceful friend, Fix, the group successfully constructs the balloon and takes to the air. Their journey takes them on a series of whimsical and sometimes perilous adventures, as they encounter birds, clouds, and various obstacles while floating high above the ground. The story showcases the characters' creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork as they navigate the challenges of their aerial expedition. Throughout the narrative, Nosov weaves in valuable life lessons about friendship, cooperation, and the importance of pursuing one's dreams. "Up in the Air in a Balloon" captivates young readers with its sense of wonder and imagination, encouraging them to embrace adventure and explore the world around them while cherishing the bonds of friendship. It's a delightful tale that continues to captivate the hearts of children and adults alike. This book is copyright free and this can be downloaded without paying any cost.

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