Forest Friends

Royal Dixon

Book Description

Forest Friends is a short story by Royal Dixon about a group of animals that live in the forest and how they come to be friends. The story begins with a bear, fox, and rabbit who are all very lonely and isolated from each other as they struggle to survive in the harsh forest environment. The bear is the first to strike up a friendship with the other two animals. He offers them some food he found and invites them to his cave for shelter. They happily accept his offer, and begin their journey into becoming friends. On their way to the bear's cave, they come across a variety of other animals living in the forest who are also struggling with loneliness. Through various conversations and interactions, the three animals develop an understanding of each other and find ways to help one another out. Eventually, they realize that by banding together as a group of friends, they can better protect each other from danger and share resources which will help them all survive better.

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