Little Orphan

Alexei Tolstoi

Reading Level: 2-3

Book Description

The story is as follows:

There are good people in this world, and some who are not so good, and others who have no shame at all. This was the kind of family that Little Orphan came to live with. When her parents died these people took her in, waited till she had grown some, and then nearly killed her with work. She spun and wove, and did all the housework.

Her mistress had three daughters. The eldest was called One-Eye, the middle daughter was called Two-Eyes, and the youngest was called Three-Eyes. |

All day long the three sisters sat by the gate and watched the street, while Little Orphan slaved for them. She made their clothes, she spun and wove for them and never heard a kind word in return.

Little Orphan would go to the field, put her arms around her spotted cow, lay her head against the cow's neck and share all her troubles with her.

“My gentle cow, they beat me, scold me, begrudge me every piece of bread and say I mustn't weep. I’m to spin a pile of flax by tomorrow, weave it, bleach it and roll it into bolts."

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