Sun Sews Shirt

Faina Glagoleva

Book Description

THE SUN SAT DOWN TO SEW A SHIRT The Sun sat down to sew a shirt, The Moon was pleased to help her work. The wind then cared it down. To shepherd boys on the ground. Bright Sun Bright sun, shining sun, go away at night. Little children go to bed and sleep tight. shepherd boys have lots of white creamy milk. When the ploughman sees this loaf he'll be pleased; And for supper every mower likes cheese. Baby Lambs Baby lambs so white, dee-dum, Sparkling eyes so bright, dee-dum, Ears so very big, dee-dum, Legs that do a jig, dee-dum, Silky fleece so fine, dee-dum, In the hot sunshine, dee-dum. Wolf Was Lonely in the Woods. Wolf was lonely in the woods. That's why he howled a song. But he didn't know the tune, And so it sounded wrong. Foxy came to dance for him, see her curtsey and spin. Though it gave us quite a fright, She danced with great delight. Sparrow sat upon a tree, Watching Wolf and Foxy, Chirping hard for one and all, Indeed, they had a ball. Ticky-Tacky Ticky-tacky, see who's coming Down the street, what is that grunting? Why, it's Piggy and her friends, Going visiting again. Goose plays his golden harp, Hear Brown Cock trumpeting, While Puss and Puppy meow and bark: “They've made up and they're friends!”

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