Space Adventures In Your Home

Rabiza F.

Book Description

Read it, make it, imagine it! Read this book about space and try to make experiments and projects based on the laws of physics. You can think about them and try them by yourself, or you can discuss them with your friends and teachers at your STEAM club. Here you can find experiments with the atmosphere and emptiness, experiments with weightlessness, experiments with heat, experiments with laws of motion and experiments with reaction motion. Find out how to make a perfect telescope? What are the color messages from distant worlds? What is a light spot and its transformation? What can spectrum tell us? Find out about the cosmic puzzle? Understand the kites - the distant relatives of the airplanes and try to dock two box kites in the air like some kind of “space maneuver”. Understand the principles of the landing by parachute on Earth, similar to the soft lending of a descending capsule. Find out what the planetary roving vehicles are and try to make a simple model of it. See how you can design cosmic fantasies. Good luck!

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