The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans

Arthur Conan Doyle

Book Description

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were consulted by Mycroft Holmes regarding a most perplexing case. Mycroft had been approached by the British government, who had lost a very important set of documents known as the Bruce-Partington Plans. These plans were the blueprints for a top-secret submarine, and the government was desperate to get them back. Mycroft asked Sherlock to take on the case, and Sherlock agreed. Sherlock and Dr Watson set out to investigate. Sherlock deduced that the plans had been stolen by a man named Arthur Cadogan West, who had recently been found dead. After further investigation, Sherlock and Watson concluded that West had been murdered for the plans. They tracked down the murderer, a man named Oberstein, and recovered the Bruce-Partington Plans from his possession. Sherlock and Watson returned the plans to the government, who were much relieved. Mycroft was also pleased with Sherlock's success and thanked him for his efforts. Thus, ended the case of the Bruce-Partington Plans, another successful case solved by the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes.

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