Sea Stories

Edited by Cyrus Townsend Brady

Reading Level: 5-8

Book Description

This book contains stories about the sea for children and young adults by famous writers. The list of stories and writers included in this book are as follows: 1. The Mutiny of the Bounty, From Chambers's Miscellany. 2. Our First Whale, By F. T. Bullen. 3. Going to Sea a Hundred Years Ago, By R. J. Cleveland. 4. The Escape of the American Frigate Alliance, By J. Fenimore Cooper. 5. Among the Ice Floes, By J. Fenimore Cooper. 6. A Tornado at Sea, By George Cupples. 7. My First Voyage, By R. H. Dana, Jr. 8. Running Away to Sea, By Daniel Defoe. 9. The Tempest, By Charles Dickens. 10. A Struggle with a Devil Fish, By Victor Hugo. 11. The Man and the Cannon, By Victor Hugo. 12. A Ship on Fire at Sea, By Jean Ingelow. 13. In the Gulf Stream, By Charles Kingsley. 14. The Loss of the Royal George, By W. H. G. Kingston. 15. Sailors' Yarns, By Pierre Loti. 16. Equality at Sea, By Captain F. Marryat. 17. The Club-Hauling of the Diomede, By Captain F. Marryat. 18. The Chase, By Herman Melville. 19. Rounding Cape Horn, By Herman Melville. 20. The Merchantman and the Pirate, By Charles Reade. 21. A Gale of Wind, By W. Clark Russell. 22. Saved, By W. Clark Russell. 23. The Capture of the Cotton Ship, By Michael Scott. 24. The Cruise of the Coracle, By R. L. Stevenson. 25. Landing on the Island, By Jean Rudolf Wyss.

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