Seven Friends of Yussike in Bengali - Sat Bandhu Iyusiker

Silvi Va_ljal

Book Description

"Seven Friends of Jussike" or Sat Bandhu Iyusiker in Bengali, beautifully illustrated by Silvi Va_ljal, is a captivating children's book that takes young readers on a delightful journey of friendship and adventure. The story revolves around Jussike, a curious and kind-hearted young boy, who sets out to explore the enchanting forest near his village. Along the way, he encounters seven endearing animal friends, each possessing unique traits and talents. Through their heartwarming encounters and shared experiences, Jussike learns valuable lessons about empathy, diversity, and the true essence of friendship. This charming and imaginative tale is a celebration of the bonds that transcend differences and make life's adventures even more magical.

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