Uncle Wiggily on Roller Skates

Howard R. Garis

Reading Level: 3-4

Book Description

Uncle Wiggily is an elderly, adventurous and ever-hopeful rabbit who embarks on exciting and often comical adventures in search of his health and happiness. He is often aided by a variety of animal and human friends, including the likes of Dr. Possum, Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, and the friendly but mischievous Sammie Littletail. His adventures are often filled with danger and excitement, but his luck and courage always lead him to success. In Uncle Wiggily on Roller Skates, the elderly rabbit is determined to learn the art of roller skating and sets off on a journey to fulfill his dream. On his way, he meets a variety of interesting characters, including a friendly pig who teaches him how to skate, a wise old owl who gives him advice, and a grumpy badger who is determined to stop him from succeeding. Along the way, Uncle Wiggily learns important lessons about effort, courage, and perseverance, and he eventually triumphs over all obstacles and succeeds in his mission. Uncle Wiggily on Roller Skates is a classic children’s story filled with adventure, humor, and life lessons. The story is sure to entertain and inspire readers of all ages as they follow the spunky rabbit’s journey towards achieving his dream. With its charming illustrations and simple language, this story is sure to be a treasured part of any child’s library.

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