Uncle Wiggily's Airship

Howard R. Garis

Reading Level: 3-5

Book Description

Uncle Wiggily's Airship is a delightful tale by Howard R. Garis. The story follows the adventures of Uncle Wiggily, an old bunny rabbit who loves to explore the world. He is accompanied by his faithful friend, Dr. Possum, and together they embark on a journey in an airship. As they fly around, they visit exciting places, meet interesting characters, and even have a few misadventures. The story begins with Uncle Wiggily and Dr. Possum setting off in the airship. They travel to the Land of Oz, where they meet the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion. After leaving Oz, they fly to the Land of Fairy Bears, where they encounter a mischievous fairy who tricks them into believing they are in danger. They eventually escape and continue their journey. The duo eventually end up in the Land of the Moon Men, where they come across a group of friendly moon men who help them repair their airship. After saying goodbye, Uncle Wiggily and Dr. Possum continue their journey, eventually ending up in the Land of the Mermaids. There, they are welcomed by friendly mermaids and even have a chance to ride on a giant sea turtle. Finally, Uncle Wiggily and Dr. Possum return home, having experienced a wonderful journey of discovery. The story is full of fun and adventure, and will surely delight readers of all ages. Uncle Wiggily's Airship is sure to be a beloved classic for generations to come.

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