Firm As Rock Soft As Silk Sweet As Honey

Zdravka Tasheva (ed.), Bulgarian Folk Story

Book Description

Once upon a time, there lived an old woman in a hut at the edge of the forest. One day, she went to gather mushrooms, and gradually walked deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly, a big, bad wolf blocked her way and said to her: ‘I'll eat you!’ The old woman was very frightened and replied: 'What will you get if you eat me? I am old and skinny. But I have three daughters: Firm-as-a-Rock, Soft-as-Silk and Sweet-as- Honey. Come to my place tonight and I will let you have one of them. That is how old Grandma outwit ted the wolf and saved her life; and the wolf went away into the forest snarling angrily.

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