The Fox and The Hare

Irina Zheleznova

Book Description

Once upon a time there was a hare named Little Hare and named Red Fox and they lived side by side in a forest glade. With the coming of autumn, as the days grew shorter and the nights colder, Little Hare's coat began to fade, and when winter arrived with its frosts and blizzards, it turned as white as snow. Feeling the cold keenly, Little Hare decided to build himself a house. He gathered pieces of wood, brought them to the glade and set them in earnest. "What are you doing, squint-eye?" asked Red Fox. Can’t you see? Building myself a house to keep out the cold." The Foxt thought that was a clever idea and decided to build herself a bigger house to keep her from the cold. Both houses were soon ready, and the two neighbors moved in at at the same time and felt very snug and cozy. Red Fox looked out of her icy window and she laughed at Little Hare. “Call that a house, squint-eye!" she said. "I've never seen one so ugly and poor. Just look at mine. It's clean and bright and sparkling-a palace of crystal if there ever was one!" Red Fox fas very happy all winter, but when spring came and thawed the snow, her house melted quite away and ran downhill in a stream. What was Red Fox to do? She couldn't very well live out in the open, could she! So she waited till Little Hare came out for a walk and a meal of the fresh grass that he dug from under the snow and stealing into his house, climbed up on the stove ledge. Little Hare came, he tried to open the door, and lo! - it was locked. So he waited a little while and then knocked at it-rap-tap! "Who's there?" Red Fox called in a thick voice. "It's me, Little Grey Hare, whose house this is! Let me in, RedFox!" “I won't! Go away, squint-eye!" Red Fox replied. Little Hare, waited some more. That's enough, Red Fox," said he. "You've had your fun, and now let me in, for I'm sleepy and want to go to bed." But Red Fox called out in reply: “You wait squint-eye! I'll jump out of here and I'll thrash you and I shake you and tear you to pieces!" Little Hare burst out crying and he sat on the road. Read the story to find out how he will get his house back? Guess, who is going to help him to force out the Fox from his house? What do you think, is it going to be the Gray Wolf, the Black Bull, the Big Bear or the Golden Rooster?

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