Rootabaga Pigeons

Carl Sandburg

Book Description

"Rootabaga Pigeons" is a whimsical and imaginative collection of short stories written by Carl Sandburg. Published in 1923 as a sequel to "Rootabaga Stories," this book continues the adventures in the fantastical world of Rootabaga. The stories are a delightful blend of fantasy, humor, and wordplay, featuring a cast of eccentric characters such as the Potato Face Blind Man, the Blue Wind Boy, and the Balloon Pickers. Each story takes readers on a unique journey, often defying conventional logic and embracing the fantastical. Through these tales, Sandburg invites readers into a realm of imagination where everyday objects and occurrences take on extraordinary qualities. The stories are characterized by their imaginative language, unexpected twists, and clever narratives, making them engaging for both children and adults. While "Rootabaga Pigeons" may not follow traditional storytelling conventions, its charm lies in its ability to spark creativity and wonder in readers of all ages. The book encourages readers to think outside the box, celebrate the joy of storytelling, and revel in the magic of the imagination. In summary, "Rootabaga Pigeons" is a whimsical collection of short stories that transports readers to the fantastical world of Rootabaga, where unconventional characters and imaginative scenarios come to life. Carl Sandburg's playful prose and inventive storytelling make this book a delightful and enchanting read that celebrates the boundless possibilities of the human imagination. This book is copyright free and can be downloaded for free.

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