युसि्सकेचे सात मित्र (Ussikche Saat Mitra Marathi)

सिल्वी व्याल्याल (Silvi Valjal)

Book Description

This is a Marathi translation of children’s short story “Yussike’s Seven Friends” Once upon a time there was a boy named Yussike who loved Sunday, because it was time for playing all day. The little boy wished it would always be Sunday, and so he decided to go to Sunday Land and ask that his wish be granted. He thought all the days of the week lived beyond the woods where the sun went down every evening. One day he went to the woods to search for the Sunday Land. There he met the ants and the titmouse, and asked them to tell him where the Sunday Land was? But they didn’t know. Then he met the Wise Owl, who told him to walk to the Monday Land and that one will tell him how far is the Sunday Land. What do you think? How far would Sunday Land be once he reaches Monday Land? How many days he’ll need to walk to get from Monday Land to Sunday Land? How many friends will he make on this journey?

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