Cardboard Clock Square

Evgeny Yakhnin, Leonid

Book Description

This is a book about one hardworking, witty and creative hatter. His name is Brim the Hatter, he is wearing high boots and a large green hat. One day as he was returning home from the fair he sold all of the hats that he had made. He was walking home with many empty hat boxes and suddenly got an idea to make a house out of the red hatbox. It was a little house with a narrow door and square windows. Then he made a long beaked cardboard stock to crown the steep roof. After that Brim cut out another house and a third, and a fourth, using the yellow box, the lilac box, the blue box and the orange box. Finally, he cut a round clock out of the largest box and made a town clock. He named it the Card- board Clock Square. Then, he wanted his cardboard city to have its people. He created a people from the scraps of the boxes leftovers. He cut out bodies from the bits of the cardboard leftover and sewed a head on top, two arms at the slides and two legs. Brim the Hatter he stood off to admire the cardboard city and smiled. The city looked as if it had been standing there for ages. “Well, now,” he said to the cardboard people, “you have everything you need: good friends and work to do. I hope you will all be happy! ” Read the book to see what will happen to the cardboard city and its people.

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