The Yellow Fairy Book

Andrew Lang

Book Description

Published in 1894 by the celebrated folklorist and editor Andrew Lang, "The Yellow Fairy Book" is a renowned addition to his colorful series of fairy tale collections. This volume, like its predecessors, features a captivating array of folktales and fairy stories from various cultures across the globe. "The Yellow Fairy Book" contains a wide selection of enchanting tales, offering readers a journey through the realms of magic, adventure, and morality. Some of the standout stories include "The Bronze Ring," an enthralling Persian tale about a magical ring's power, and "The Twelve Dancing Princesses," a beloved German story about princesses who mysteriously disappear each night. Throughout the book, readers encounter themes of bravery, wit, love, and the supernatural, all presented with Andrew Lang's distinctive storytelling style. Lang's insightful introductions and annotations provide valuable context and cultural background, enriching the reading experience. In summary, "The Yellow Fairy Book" is a timeless anthology that continues to captivate audiences with its universal appeal. It offers a delightful glimpse into the enchanting world of folklore, showcasing the diversity and enduring charm of stories passed down through generations. This collection is a testament to Andrew Lang's dedication to preserving and sharing the magic of these tales with generations of readers. This book is copyright free and can be downloaded free of cost.

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